Kia ora, a warm welcome

I am Amanda Woodford, artist, creative arts therapist, academic, practice supervisor and researcher based in Ōtepoti Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand. From my studio I offer: arts therapy sessions, facilitation of community arts groups and projects, an arts-based approach to supervision and research. If you are unable to travel to the studio, I also work remotely via ZOOM. There is also the possibility to look at alternative venues and ‘out and about’ creative programs.

I work with people of all ages. In therapy and community, this might be carers with bubs, children, youth, adults through to elders. In professional practice, this may be academics or fellow health care professionals. As a registered Creative Arts Therapist (AThR), I am able to offer counselling services through the WINZ Disability Allowance and ACC Sensitive Claims. I have many years experience working alongside those who live with a disability or with the impact of events or health related matters which are on-going.

About my approach

An arts-based approach isn’t just about making artworks. For me, it is an alternative way to look at lived experiences using more than just words alone. You may notice a little line under the ‘s’ in my logo. This line emphasises the arts plural within my approach. I welcome the use of all creative modalities, materials and tools. This might include the visual, textile and literary arts, movement and dance, voice and music, small figurines and puppets. I embrace a sense of play – fun or serious. It is not about using all of these but knowing that they are there as another way to communicate. As the saying goes, one size does not fit all – it is good to have choice.

I use MIECAT’s form of Inquiry, born out of a rich combination of different therapeutic, philosophical and research approaches. As a MIECAT practitioner, I am called a creative companion. A creative companion is the therapist or facilitator who travels alongside another, called an inquirer, in a personal or community inquiry. The inquirer is the expert of their experience! I have MIECAT’s form of Inquiry, a therapeutic structure, to support the process. I work emergently – there is no set plan – nor do I interpret, analyse, diagnosis or judge. We make sense together using the arts and a therapeutic approach.

Please have a look around. I welcome wonderings and can be reached on the contact me page.

Sadly,I am currently at capacity and I am unable to take on any new clients or supervisees at the moment. I truly wish I could meet everyone who is interested! I will update my social platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and this website when my situation changes. Go well and safely, Amanda.

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