Creative Arts Therapy

A small inquiry piece with collage objects and ink.

Please note: My therapy practice has currently reached capacity and I am not taking on any new clients at the moment.I will update my social platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and this website when my situation changes. Warmly, Amanda.

“The creative arts therapies are based on the idea that creativity enhances the well-being of all people and is a natural aspect of all cultures and human experience. It is an experiential psychotherapeutic approach utilising many creative modalities within a therapeutic relationship with a trained therapist. It is holistic – attending to emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual well-being – and aligns well with indigenous models of health and well-being.” (ANZACATA, About the Creative Therapies)

About my approach

My way of working therapeutically with the arts is not to interpret an artwork. I do not diagnose, it is not my job. Instead, I am a non-judgemental companion. I travel alongside, to assist in making sense of what is happening in a person’s life. Together we explore personal material, using more than words. We use creative modes and materials!

You do not need to have artistic skills to participate in this form of personal therapy. The emphasis is on process and engagement with materials, not a finished product. This is particularly helpful if talking about something is difficult. My job is to introduce possible creative pathways for exploration. Holding Space Therapeutic Arts Studio is full of creative possibilities!

It might be that creative exploration is already a natural way of communicating or making sense of the world for some – this is particularly true for children. For those who identify with being creative or artistic, we can begin with current creative projects and see where it leads. In my way of working therapeutically with the arts, although it is grounded in process, it can also be about the production of an artistic form. See my arts practice as an example.

I work with people of all ages, from little ones through to elders. My specialised area is living with on-going conditions, disability and trauma. I practice as a trauma-informed therapist.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about how the creative arts work in a personal therapy session. I consider all self, medical and agency referrals.

A session cost

An arts therapy session is up to one hour and 15 mins in length.

A session cost is $105.00.

As a registered Creative Arts Therapist, I am able to accept clients who have access to the WINZ disability allowance for counselling. I will consider matching this allowance, please contact me directly to discuss.

I am an approved ACC Sensitive Claims therapist. If you have experienced sexual abuse or assault in New Zealand there is no cost to you for the therapy session. Please let me know if you inquiry for therapy is sensitive when making contact.

My studio does not require walking up stairs, there is ramp access and a large door entry. However, unfortunately I do not have toilet facilities that have wheelchair access. Please still be in touch if this does not meet your needs and I can explore alternative options.

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