A personal arts practice

Acrylic paint on paper created in a workshop facilitated by Shaun McNiff, PhD.
Bendigo 2013.

When asked about the style of my current arts practice, I describe it as mixed media with a therapeutic intention. I work a lot with natural fibres and water-based pigments, with a particular interest in using materials which are non-toxic and reused. In the final presentation of my work, I often accompany the artistic object with a piece of poetry. This assists in making sense of what I have created and in sharing the meaning held within the work, for those who witness. Meaning and story are important.

The way I engage with the materials and myself in the making process is also very important. I working with my materials in an embodied, relational and emergent style. I like to get to know the qualities of the material through ‘doing’, through touch. This is a quiet, intimate form of arts making engagement. Often the topics of my creative exploration relate to content which I find personally challenging or impactful.

I welcome anyone interested in exploring this way of arts-making to contact me. Currently this approach is related to my personal practice, but I have previously enjoyed facilitating this way of arts-making in small group workshops and one-on-one. This may be for personal or professional exploration, as I companion the artist/maker in nurturing their creative style.

Please click through to witness some of my work and the stories they hold.

Delicate Life – a holding of loss and grief.

From Migration to Integration – a holding of ancestral confusion.

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